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My name is Jayshaun Sullins and I'm the proud owner/operator of NYC residential cleaning service, 'cleanhomecleanyou'. Since 2016, we've continued to provide quality household cleanings to residents throughout all 5 boroughs of New York City. We offer a wide range of services, including Basic, Deep, Move in/out & Post-Construction cleaning options, all at affordable hourly rates. Our main goal? To impact the lives of millions by simply transforming peoples living spaces from dirty to clean & from unorganized to serene. Cleaning is my true passion and I'm eager to share my abilities to anyone and everyone willing to take a chance on me. Here's a little bit about me and how 'cleanhomecleanyou' came to be:

Growing up in New York City, raised by a single parent, I watched as my Mother worked her butt off to give me the world. Tennis & piano lessons, swimming classes, Taekwondo & dance (just to name a few), she made all possible by working from home as a beautician. As a young kid, I remember feeling so helpless that I couldn't assist her in any way. Not old enough to bring in any income to help out with bills, one day I thought of this brilliant idea; to clean the house while she was away. I just wanted her to come home to a clean space and not have to worry about such a tedious task. When she'd finally return home, I remember her walking through the door with this look on her face that was absolutely priceless. Her mouth open in shock and eyes big and wide. She couldn't believe all the hard work I had done & even though not a professional, it was the thought that definitely counted! I instantly grabbed her hand and took her from room to room to showcase my work. I'd start in the living room, because that's the first room she saw upon entering the apartment. I showed her the organized piles I had made of all her paper work & lottery tickets, the dust that had been removed from surfaces, the floors swept & mopped and all knickknacks organized in such a pristine manner. Next was the kitchen, all dishes washes & put away; surfaces cleaned, crumbs removed from counter tops & floor spotless. Finally the bathroom (my favorite room to clean still to this day) Bathtub, sink and toilet deep cleaned and floors looking brand new. I could tell she appreciated all my hard work and best of all, didn't have to come home to clean. She was able to relax; catching up on a favorite TV show, gossiping on the phone with friends or sometimes simply just taking a nap; Mission accomplished!

As I grew older, I struggled to find out what I wanted to do with my life and my later teenage years were pretty rough. My life started to turn upside down quickly without me realizing what was even happening. My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2006 and was constantly in and out the hospital for treatments. Thankfully after treatments, the cancer was in remission but a year or two later, she had a stroke in her sleep and the effects on her memory were starting to take a toll; she was then diagnosed with dementia. Not understanding then, I had become super depressed and was acting out. I dropped out of high school in my senior year after plagiarizing a final paper (which by the way, I had the opportunity to make up during the summer, but just choose not to) With no high school diploma, I was in & out of junior colleges; never staying consistent with pretty much anything at that point. I was in bad relationships and friendships. With no degree or skills to make any money, I started hustling doing side jobs on craigslist just to make ends meet. I'd do some random cleaning jobs, sell some old books or electronics here and there, just to put food on the table. I felt worthless and everything that my mother sacrificed was all being thrown away. In 2010, I met my savior, my wife, who saw me for me and what I was going through. Instead of just taking advantage of me and the state I was in, she cared for and about me more than I cared about myself, during a time when I was lost. With her help and patience, she really showed me I was better than where I was; that my situation didn't have to define me, that I had to keep pushing. She helped me to get out of the shadows and start living again & to this day I am so thankful and forever indebted. I finally enrolled back in college & graduated. I got my GED & Associates Degree in Computer Networking (2 for 1). Shortly after, we both went back to school together and got our Bachelors Degree, mines in Computer Science and hers in Health. I started working, making money, providing for my family and honing in on my skills. Few years later, sadly my mother passed away and my passion for cleaning was reborn. I knew exactly what I had to do. After taking some time to heal and process, I started planning my business from the ground up; from the services that I would offer to how my website would look and function. As a 25th birthday gift to myself, I made my website public to the world and had almost 50 visitors the first couple days. I started traveling all over the city, with my supplies, servicing the homes of almost 300+ residents. I carried my mothers spirit and energy wherever I went, putting my all into the services that I offered, showing people that they could be happy with their homes again!



'cleanhomecleanyou' is so much more than just a cleaning business; it's my legacy to my mother, the fight and determination that she showed me and raised me with; I choose to share that with the world. I owe her my life and this is the way that I want to place my impact on the world, one cleaning at a time! My mother showed me that a clean home makes you feel better, eases your mind & can reduce greats amount of stress and anxiety; I saw that FIRST HAND! Simply coming home to a clean space after a long day, can make all the difference in how you feel. Being raised in a hustling city like New York, it's imperative that you have a space you can come to, that's clean and gives you PEACE! 



So with all that said, I want to leave you with this: 


If you're in need of a clean & organized space, let me get your home back to where it needs to be. I am JUDGEMENT FREE & believe everyone deserves a spotless & tidy place. I am different from the rest, in that there is heart, soul and passion in the work that I do & oh trust me you can see it! I clean your home as though its my own with consistency, detail & accuracy throughout! I also provide all cleaning supplies + equipment so you don't have to worry about last minute runs to your local convenience store or searching the house for that old worn out broom of yours. Just sit back, relax and watch me work! Book with me today if you want the job done right the first time around & I'll get your home back on track for easy-ongoing maintenance. Thank you so much for reading & I look forward to working with you soon! Peace and Love!


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